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Welcome to the RMT GMC Dealer Sales and Marketing Portal! Use the RMT GMC Landing Page Template and Landing Page Set-Up Instructions (attached below) to build your RMT GMC Landing Page. The dealership and/or dealership website representative is authorized to use all content provided in the RMT Dealer Portal. 

Templates & Instructions

Click image to open Downloadable .PDF file. Using the content provided below, follow the RMT LANDING PAGE TEMPLATE SET-UP INSTRUCTIONS to establish or update your RMT Landing Page.

Banner Images

Click image to Select/Enlarge and Save. Verify website banner dimensions to select correct banner RMT banner size.

Homepage Banner Images

Dealership Website Homepage Banner – 1400 x 515

Dealership Website Homepage Banner – 1600 x 686

Dealership Website Homepage Banner – 1620 x 417

Dealership Website Homepage Banner – 2000 x 515

Landing Page Banner Images

RMT Landing Page Banner 1400 x 515

RMT Landing Page Banner 1600 x 686

RMT Landing Page Banner 1620 x 417

RMT Landing Page Banner 2000 x 417


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Vehicle Descriptions

Click image below to download .PDF file.

Additional Resources

Additional Resources are to be used at the discretion of the dealership management and should be placed AFTER RMT Template Content and Lifted Truck Inventory.


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RMT Off Road authorizes the use of available images on dealership RMT Website Landing Page and/or in dealership advertisements.

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